We are a social for profit organisation, that’s committed to giving as we grow. However, should you want to connect and support any of our efforts as part of your CSR, we would like to co-create a plan with you that ties in with sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods.

If you would like to volunteer as an individual, check out our Events Page. 


If you’d like to give without going down the volunteering path, well simply shop with us, choose a program and we’ll contribute automatically.



Recommend new sellers– Heard about a cool small scale business or a bunch of creators in your local community that you believe will benefit from our support? Simply connect them with us. 

Spread the word:  A cool way to spread the word is to just attend our events and have your friends and family attend them too. 

Partner: If you’re a social business, and feel we should collaborate for an even bigger impact, we’d love to hear from you. We do believe working together trumps competing when we are trying to do good.